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I have a dog over 4 months of age. My dog is fine around strange dogs and people. I can't wait to start training and continued socialization.

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Day School

For dogs over 4 months of age that need personalized and specialized training focusing on specific behaviors requested by you, the owner. 

In Day School, we work on:

- Walking Politely on Leash

- Polite Greetings, appropriate behavior when meeting new people.

- Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Stay)

- Every day Recalls

- Emergency Recalls

- Leave It

- Drop It

- Bring It - Retrieving Items

- Self Control

- Door Manners - no bolting out the door

- Socialization/Exposure Field Trips to generalize behaviors

and more!

See more information regarding the Day School program linked below.

Great Expectations

Puppy Academy

for dogs up to 1 year old

For puppies 10 or more weeks old up to 1 year old (with some exceptions for slightly older puppies up to 18 months old) that could benefit from concentrated socialization, enrichment, and training.

This program combines the goals of Jumpstart Kindergarten with obedience and life skills training.

This program is much more intensive and includes more training sessions per day 1 on 1 with a trainer assigned to your puppy.

Private instruction is provided throughout the program to provide support to the owners, as well as to transfer learned behaviors and to follow up on homework an check on progress.

This program has an amazing library of video tutorials, handouts, various written materials, and access to our staff for emotional support as well as training support. Puppies are fun, but can be stressful! 

This is a program that offers continuation as your puppy goes through adolescence into adulthood.


Family Dog I

Group Class

For dogs older than 16 weeks with no age cap with owners that would love instruction on how to teach their dog obedience behaviors.

This class covers sit, down, stay, every day coming when called, as well as coming when called in an emergency, polite greetings, loose-leash walking, and more.

This provides an excellent socialization opportunity. Your puppy is working on focusing on you while other dogs and people work in the same room, providing controlled distractions. The dogs are not able to interact which reinforces the obedience even further with distractions present.

Due to the ages of the dogs in the class, topics such as mouthing/biting, jumping, counter surfing, pulling on lead, crate training, and more can be covered when requested.

This is an 8 week series that meets once a week for an hour each week at the same time, on the same day each week. 

Family Dog II

Group Class

*Must complete PK or Family Dog I*

Family Dog I introduces behaviors. By the end of the Family Dog I class, you and your dog have an understanding of the introductory level basic obedience. With Family Dog II, you will learn how to get the behaviors to be more reliable despite distractions that are present, real life distractions! 

With Stays, distance and distraction level is increased, as is the duration of the stays. 

With walking, you increase the level of distraction by working in much closer proximity to your class mates, challenging each other and each other's dogs with games and fun. It builds understanding in the behavior for your dog on how to hold position no matter what happens around them (stay with you!).

Recall past dogs, past food, and more! Start working toward the ultimate goal of having off-leash freedom by layering more reliability and control into your recall foundation. 

It is highly recommended and encouraged that any dogs that complete Family Dog I enroll into Family Dog II to maintain the momentum and continue progressing with their newly learned behaviors.


Basic Obedience - $75-100 per hour

For any dog over 4 months of age, these lessons can focus on whatever you, the owner, would like to focus on. If you aren't sure, we can also help create a training plan for you and your dog. 

Lesson Topics include, but are not limited to:

- Sit at Front

- Down at Front

- Sit at Side - in heel position

- Down at Side - in heel position

- Emphasizing heel position

- Walking politely on lead

- No more pulling! 

- Eliminating destructive behavior

- Eliminating biting/mouthing/nipping

- Eliminating JUMPING

- Having guests over - management and training

- Stays - Introduction

- Stays - Adding duration

- Stays - Adding distraction level while dog honors

- Stays - Adding distance! 

- Door Manners

- Self Control --- Leave It, Drop It, Recalls Away

- Recall - every day and emergency recalls

- Navigating stairs

- Advancing in all aforementioned behaviors to increase reliability no matter what's going on! 

- and more! 

Private lessons are perfect for individuals that may not be able to commit to our full day training program (the first recommended option) or to our group classes due to scheduling conflicts or other obligations. 

For dogs that are social, sometimes starting in a private lesson setting with less distractions can help prepare the dog for group classes and lessen the frustration you may be feeling due to how distracted your pup can be with very minimal distractions going on. We are here to help! 

Obedience Private Lesson Packages

Package Options

4 sessions

1 hour each session, once a week

Complete in 4 weeks. $270 (gives 10% individual pricing)

Sit, Down, Stay, Loose-Leash Walking, Polite Greetings, Everyday Recalls, Walking Outside, Door Manners, Crate and/or House Training

6 sessions

1 hour each session, once a week first 4 weeks, then every other week for remaining 2 sessions.

Complete in 8 weeks. $380 (gives 15% individual pricing)

Sit, Down, Stay, Loose-Leash Walking, Polite Greetings, Everyday Recalls, Emergency Recalls, Drop It, Door Manners, Crate and/or House Training, Taking Behaviors on the Road!, Adding reliability with more distractions!

Private Lesson Benefits

- Individualized attention

- Ongoing support for the duration of the package

- Curriculum is flexible and adaptable

- Obedience lessons include behavioral wellness solutions (crae training, house training, confidence building, enrichment, struggles with arousal and calming down) as well as obedience training.

It is encouraged that any dogs completing a private lesson package enroll in Family Dog I for the additional generalization benefit to help increase reliability of the behaviors being learned with distractions present.



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