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Holly Burchsted

Holly’s training methods focus on relationship first, building engagement and reinforcement skills between dog and handler. She ensures both teammates are relaxed and primed for learning through humor and play, while building enthusiasm for the training task at hand. To best achieve big-picture goals, Holly’s analytical mind and eye for detail help her develop and adjust clear foundation skills to create big outcomes. 


Holly started her training journey with her rescue pit bulls, nurturing an interest in behavior analysis and modification. She now shares her life with 4 dogs: two terriers and two border collies. Despite behavior challenges early on, every dog past and present has earned a performance title. Holly is an avid agility competitor, judge, and instructor, frequenting podiums at the regional and national levels with multiple dogs. Beyond agility championships, her dogs have achieved titles in Rally-O, barn hunt, lure coursing, and a conformation championship. Holly is a lifetime learner, continuously attending a broad range of in-person and online seminars, workshops, and classes. She loves hiking and swimming her dogs, and has most recently started herding with her border collies. 


Holly is a day school instructor at Tails, and offers private behavior consultations.