Howie Sico

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Growing up on farms I was exposed to working dogs from the beginning and because of that border collies will forever have my heart. When the onset of chronic illness ended my career path as an electrician, I turned to my love of working dogs to find a new path. 


Starting as an apprentice I built my skill set, become CPDT-KA certified, and eventually opened my own service dog organization. While training service dogs is my passion, I enjoy training a variety of skill sets included search and rescue, police dual purpose dogs, therapy, trick dogs, and family pets, and keep focused on the fact that all dogs, no matter working police dog or family pet, all start with the same stable base training. I strive to provide training that creates an everlasting bond while developing the dogs capability to work in the human environment. 

My most memorable moments in dog training come from the handing over of service dogs to the handlers who’s lives they have changed. While I no longer work full time training service dogs, each handler I’ve had the pleasure of working with will forever be considered some of my closest friends. In the two years it takes to train a service dog I grew to know these handlers as much more than just clients and make a great effort to build meaningful connections with all clients I meet. I continue to stay active in the service dog community to help out teams in need of training assistance and enjoy attending meetups with other handlers. 


Currently my partner and I have one dog, a 3 year old border collie named DC (Direct Current) who is a task trained service dog to assist me when needed. When DC isn’t working hard as a service dog, we enjoy competing in scent work and look forward to trying other sports like agility, fly ball, rally, and dock diving.