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Puppy Training Options





Jumpstart Kindergarten

For puppies 8 - 16 weeks of age that need additional socialization

This program is perfect for families that may not be able to taket their puppy on as many trips for exposure as they may like. 

This program is for puppies that may be afraid of sounds, walking in the neighborhood, other dogs, or people and concentrated socialization would help to build their confidence.

This program works on confidence building, providing mental stimulation, and turning struggles into strengths for young puppies that need the behavioral support.

This program is also great for overly confident or pushy puppies to provide an evaluation from experience trainers and a training plan to move forward to prevent problem behaviors from progressing.

Great Expectations

Puppy Academy

For puppies 10 or more weeks old that could benefit from concentrated socialization, enrichment, and training.

This program combines the goals of Jumpstart Kindergarten with obedience and life skills training.

This program is much more intensive and includes more training sessions per day 1 on 1 with a trainer assigned to your puppy.

Private instruction is provided throughout the program to provide support to the owners, as well as to transfer learned behaviors and to follow up on homework an check on progress.

This program has an amazing library of video tutorials, handouts, various written materials, and access to our staff for emotional support as well as training support. Puppies are fun, but can be stressful! 

This is a program that offers continuation as your puppy goes through adolescence into adulthood.


Puppy Kindergarten

Group Class

For puppies 8 - 16 weeks of age with owners that would love instruction on how to teach their puppy obedience behaviors.

This class covers sit, down, stay, every day coming when called, as well as coming when called in an emergency, polite greetings, loose-leash walking, and more.

This provides an excellent socialization opportunity. Your puppy is working on focusing on you while other puppies and people work in the same room, providing controlled distractions.

This class sometimes has puppy play if time permits at the end of the class each week.

Due to the ages of the puppies in the class, topics such as nipping, biting, house training, crate training, and other common puppy problem behaviors are discussed and support is provided to the owners.

This is an 8 week series that meets once a week for an hour each week at the same time, on the same day each week. 

Puppy Party

Group Class

This class is meant to act as a supplemental class alongside attending a Puppy Kindergarten class. This class focuses on appropriate socialization and habituation while also working on life skills such as going to their bed and staying until released, retrieving, continued work on recalls, body handling for vet care and grooming care, and more.

Puppies do participate in a play session during the class each week if they can be paired properly with an appropriate play mate. Play is typically divided into 3 sections of 2 puppies each with a class max of 6 puppies, with occasional exceptions.

In this class, opportunities are given to explore confidence building equipment, independent exploration to encourage self-awareness.

All puppy topics are addressed in the Q & A at the end of class. Students are encouraged to participate and ask questions. 

This class is kept at a limited size to provide each student with as much individual attention that a group class format can allow. 


Right Start Consultation - $60 per hour

This is a consultation for new puppy owners wanting to consult with a professional on the best course of action for their puppy's training and behavioral wellness. 

Right Start Consultations focus on problem solving and seeking solutions for any problematic behavior that is occurring or preventing them from occurring at all. 

This ia  great solution for someone that doesn't want to commit to an entire package for obedience training solutions but needs help with biting/mouthing specifically, house training, introducing into a multi-dog household, encouraging cooperative relationships with kids in the home to avoid puppy jumping or grabbing at them, etc. 

For specific obedience solutions refer to the packages or contact us for a 1 session price of $75 per hour in-facility.

Topics discussed in a Right Start can include:

- Exercise

- House Training

- Crate Training

- Appropriate Play

- Preventing Food Possession

- Interacting with Kids and other dogs

- Biting/Mouthing

- Excessive Chewing or Destructive Behavior

- Eating random things and what to do about it

Puppy Private Lesson Packages

Package Options

4 sessions

1 hour each session, once a week

Complete in 4 weeks. $270 (gives 10% individual pricing)

6 sessions

1 hour each session, once a week first 4 weeks, then every other week for remaining 2 sessions.

Complete in 8 weeks. $380 (gives 15% individual pricing)

Private Lesson Benefits

- Individualized attention

- Ongoing support for the duration of the package

- Curriculum is flexible and adaptable

- Puppy lessons include behavioral wellness solutions (crae training, house training, confidence building, enrichment) as well as obedience training.

It is encouraged that any puppies completing a private lesson package enroll in Puppy Kindergarten for the additional socialization benefit to help increase reliability of the behaviors being learned with distractions present.



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