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Online Agility School

with Bonnie Henderson

Weekly Automatic


Weeks are Monday - Sunday

For example, Monday, April 13th - Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Online Agility School

with Bonnie Henderson

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Many of you are looking for a way to continue to work with your agility dogs since classes have been canceled and we have been forced to distance ourselves from others. I am now offering a unique training experience at Tails u Win. Here’s how it will work:

Each week I will come up with a new lesson plan which consists of several sequences that can be done in a small space with minimal equipment. You will have access to course maps, video demonstrations and feedback if you wish to submit videos of your runs via our private Facebook group classroom. You can do your training in your own yards, or if you choose, you may come to the outdoor agility field at Tails, where the equipment will be set up for you. We ask that you bring your own sanitizing products and gloves to change or set bars. Instruction is for beginners who have had an introduction to jumps and tunnels, through advanced teams.

You now have the option of signing up for a weekly subscription, where you automatically get re-enrolled in class each week, or purchasing individual weekly classes.  You should have more than enough to keep you busy for a week, but I may throw in a pop up bonus exercise as well. You will have 1 week from the start of the class to post your videos to a private Face book group. I am asking that you edit your videos so that you post a maximum of 5 minutes per week.  If you can edit your videos to include just the parts you want me to comment on, that would allow you to get feedback on just the parts you need. You may also ask unlimited questions. I certainly don’t mind if you work more than one of your dogs and submit videos of more than one dog, but I do ask that you don’t share this material with other people. If you are not on Facebook to gain access to the private group, just let me know and we can communicate via email but you will need to upload your videos to YouTube and send me the links.

The cost per week is $20.00 for those students who do not need to take advantage of ring time at Tails. That includes maps, sequences, video analysis and feedback.  For those who need it, 30 minutes of outdoor ring rental on preset courses will be included for an additional $5.00 per class. If you would like additional ring time, you may arrange to do so through the office for an additional charge of $5.00 per half hour. The drills and sequences that are included on the maps and videos are for beginners through advanced teams. The sequences that are numbered on the field are for intermediate or advanced teams, but you may do any of the drills or sequences, we just ask that you don’t move the numbers.

You can sign up online using the registration on the Online Dog Training Classes link at You can select either a subscription or individual class and enter $20.00 for just the class, or $25.00 if you would like to add ring time, paid via Pay pal. You may coordinate ring time with the Tails administrative by emailing them at Payments will be weekly via the link provided at initial sign up. If you wish to opt out of the weekly subscription, simply contact the to be removed from the weekly emails regarding renewal. You can re-start at any time by contacting them again and expressing interest.