Have you recently gotten a puppy? Are you struggling to provide them with socialization opportunities? Creative socialization is vital right now during this pandemic when we are all stuck at home and unable to take advantage of traditional socialization opportunities. But fear not! There is SO MUCH you can do right at home to benefit your puppy in the long run, and Pandemic Puppy can help! This 4 week class includes access to a Facebook Support Group and 1-hour live Zoom sessions each week, where you can ask question, learn new games & training exercises to try with your puppy, and of course- have fun! Any dog born after March 2020 is welcome, as even adolescent, teenage puppies can benefit from the course curriculum. Have fun exploring ways to grow your dog’s optimism in the face of novelty, including with new dogs and people, in this online course. Cost: $125 Limit 10 people per session.