Puppy Party - Socialization & Confidence

for puppies 8 to 16 weeks of age

Puppy Party focuses on:

- Appropriate Socialization - passive exposure with controlled direct exposure

- Confidence Building - through exercises and familiarizing puppies with equipment

- Foundation behaviors essential to pet and performance puppies  - Focus, Engagement, Body Awareness, Disengagement from Distractions, and more!

- Discussion of problem behaviors - prevention and discouraging.

- Puppies are paired with appropriate play partners if available.

- Trainer Q & A - with focus on behavior and recommended training plans

If interested in the class, please email the instructor at dana@tailsuwin.com with any questions you may have.

Puppies should be 14 weeks or under when starting. Exceptions can be made, please contact the instructor directly.

Puppy Party 4-week Class

Puppy Life Skills I

for puppies that want to continue their

Puppy Party after 16 weeks 

and for puppies 16 weeks or older

This class is complementary to the Puppy Kindergarten course that we offer. In fact, we encourage Puppy Kindergarten attendees to take this class in conjunction with the Family Dog program! For puppies not quite ready for Family Dog II, this is also an excellent transitional class after graduating Puppy Kindergarten.

Puppies that have completed Puppy Party are encouraged to attend.

In this class, we work on:

- Pre-Sport Foundation Skills - Agility, Obedience, and more!
- Stationing on a Bed/Place with distractions present

- Focus Games to build more reliability into coming when called

- Body Handling/Restraint - Working on Calm!

- Handling greetings with some self-control/impulse control!

- Default Leash Skills to keep your puppy safe

- Games to emphasize focus on you, and to choose you over distractions

- Recalling/Coming When Called Games

- Essential socialization skills, always important!

In Puppy Life Skills II + III we progress to:


- Releasing Toys in Play

- Continued Confidence Building

- Shaping as a Life Skill, encouraging better decision making

- Progress in games meant to keep your dog focused on you

- Support in Loose-Leash Walking Skills

- Getting your puppy prepared for real world challenges

- Forward focus for pre-sports foundation

- Getting a reliable retrieve in play! 

- and more, more, more!

Class size is limited to 6 so that more individual attention can be provided to the puppies in the class. 

Puppy Life Skills II & III

for puppies that have completed Life Skills I

and wish to continue. 

Contact your instructor with questions regarding eligibility.



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