Puppy Party

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You get 6 weeks to complete 4 weeks! 

Puppy Party focuses on:

- Appropriate Socialization - passive exposure with controlled direct exposure

- Confidence Building - through exercises and familiarizing puppies with equipment

- Foundation behaviors essential to pet and performance puppies  - Focus, Engagement, Body Awareness, Disengagement from Distractions, and more!

- Discussion of problem behaviors - prevention and discouraging.

- Puppies are paired with appropriate play partners if available.

- Trainer Q & A - with focus on behavior and recommended training plans

As of January 2020, Puppy Party will be moving from a singular drop-in format to a 4-week format, with ability to continue at a level appropriate for your puppy's growth and development.

For December 2019, you may register for a single class.

If interested in the class, please email the instructor at dana@tailsuwin.com with any questions you may have.

Puppies should be 14 weeks or under when starting. Exceptions can be made, please contact the instructor directly.

Puppy Party Single Class Purchase

Puppy Party 4-week Class

starting January 5th, 2020


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