Puppy Playgroup

We now have a drop-in puppy playgroup for dogs up to 4 months of age. Bring your puppy to a safe, monitored playgroup where they can socialize and learn. We are indoors and air-conditioned. Puppies do not need to be housebroken to take part in the playgroup.

For puppies up to 16 weeks of age at start. As long as a puppy starts at or prior to 16 weeks of age, it is at the instructor's discretion as to how long a puppy can attend before graduating out of puppy play. Please continue to bring your puppy even after they turn 16 weeks old. We encourage it! :)

Day:   Saturdays at 2:00 PM

Check-In Starts at 1:45 PM

Please come in without your puppy to check in and then we will have you go get your puppy.


Fee:  $15 per dog / $10 per dog for Tails-U-Win! students, paid cash at check-in at store entrance.

What to Bring: your puppy, some treats, and a toy (optional). Also bring your puppies rabies certificate if your puppy has received their rabies vaccination and is enrolled in classes.

Instructor(s):  Dana Escobar, Taylor Liima, Kathleen Steffens

See Playgroup Rules.

Puppy Playgroup Rules



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