Puppy 101 Webinar

For new puppy owners &

soon-to-be puppy owners

Puppy 101 focuses on:

- Housetraining - how to avoid and reduce

accidents to zero!

- Crate Training - getting your puppy happy,

comfortable, and quiet in the crate as well as

an open discussion of the benefits!

- Biting/Mouthing/Chewing - Why is your

puppy biting YOU? What can you do before

and after to reduce the likelihood of the

behavior continuing.

- Preventing Jumping - Jumping is often a 

learned skill and isn't something puppies

do to start. How can you minimize rehearsal?

What if your puppy already is jumping? How

can you reduce the behavior?

- Appropriate Socialization - What is socialization in today's busy, crazy world? How do you help your puppy to feel safe so that they can be a confident, well adjusted dog into adulthood?

- Integrating into Multi-Dog Households - Dogs are like potato chips, you can't always have just one? If you only have one, that's okay, too!

- Puppies and Children - Easy tweaks to set your puppy and your children up for success.

- Foundation Behaviors - We all wonder... what should we teach our puppy first from a behavior perspective? Obviously, house training is a top skill, but what else? We dive into some recommendations. 

Sleeping through the Night - We all need sleep. Get your puppy sleeping through the night in no time with some easy, quick tips!


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