Puptography 101 Webinar

Sunday, May 24th, 2020

11 AM - 1 PM


Want to take better pictures of your pup?


Learn how in this two-hour webinar, which will cover: 


- how to use your environment to compose more interesting photos

- basic photography principles that you can use whether you're shooting on a camera or a smartphone

- simple editing techniques to help your photos shine, including a review of some useful (and inexpensive... or free!) editing apps 


As well as a few training tips that make taking photos of your dog a breeze, such as: 


- how to get a better "stay"

- teaching your dog to perform tricks at a distance

- how to add duration to behaviors, so your dog can perform a trick long enough for you to snap a picture

- a few easy tricks that make for adorable photos such as sit pretty, chin rest, holding an object, and more!

You can attend live or you can receive a recording after the webinar has been completed (usually takes 24-48 hours following the live webinar for the recording to be distributed).


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