The Training Academy

The Training Academy includes:

- Access to over 200+ videos of games and training exercises focusing on specific concepts that will help you to overcome struggles with your dog

- A new game is added each week, every Wednesday!

- AbsoluteDogs head trainers, Tom and Lauren, offer weekly lives within the Training Academy Facebook group where they answer your questions regarding how to achieve success with the games offered within the Academy and also take deep dives into common behavior struggles

- A great resource for any level of experience, whether you are a first time dog owner or a trainer looking for ways to have more fun with your dog training!

- Access to BONUS materials - Step-by-Step Guide to Boundary Games/Station Training that overcome struggles like countersurfing, jumping on guests, and more! 

- Access to BONUS Calm-Mini Course - normally $182, but now included in the Training Academy at no additional cost! This is an amazing resource to learn how to get your dog calm, less excited, and keep the calm! 

- Access to yet another bonus - 10 days to a food crazed dog! 

Why have we teamed up with AbsoluteDogs to offer this awesome opportunity?

First of all, they extended an offer to us, as one of our instructors are certified through their programs. For every sign up, WE benefit. That's right, by signing up, you are supporting us (Tails-U-Win!) during the pandemic and for that, we can't thank you enough.

Why the Training Academy?

Because the games, the training, it is an immense quality. In fact, for those that have the Training Academy, you'll have over 200+ videos to reference regarding dog behavior and training, all wrapped up in a fun, optimism-filled, upbeat package.

We cover a lot of these exercises throughout our program, and we would love for you to be able to able to reference them, take everything within the Academy and achieve limitless possibilities with your dogs.

We believe in the contents...

What are the benefits of The Training Academy:
- We mentioned it before, access to 200+ video guide to games, training, and dog behavior
- A new video is added weekly
- A Facebook support group with a community FULL of people that have had similar struggles achieving success
- A search engine that will help you tailor your training program based on your dog's needs and struggles
- Access to a step-by-step guide on Boundary Games, station training, that can help produce more calm in your dog, and also aides in overcoming training issues such as counter surfing, chasing the kids!, and more!
- Access to a Calm mini-course, normally $182, INCLUDED in the Training Academy.
- And for those that sign up for the Training Academy through us, you'll also receive FREE lifetime access to our Family Dog online training course, as well as a a FREE remote/online consultation with our Pro Dog Trainer certified instructor who can help you custom tailor your training plan so that you can turn your struggles into strengths. (This goes for anyone that also signed up prior to this post!)

What are you waiting for? Not only do you get amazing access to these games (and a 14-day money back guarantee), but you also get access to one of our online courses and to one of our trainers, AND you're supporting us during this time.

And then email the office at to schedule your consultation, and get access to the course. Consultation offer valid for as long as you're a member of The Training Academy.

Thank you for your support!


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