Tao Dog Yoga Classes

with Stefanie Corbeil


TAO DOG™ FOUNDATIONS 4 Week Class Series

Pre-requisite: All dogs must be friendly in the company of other dogs and humans. Open to dogs of all ages.

Trainer: Stef Corbeil, Behavior Unleashed LLC

TAO DOG™yoga classes are where yoga meets dog training. This 4-week class is designed to teach you how to breathe to calm your body and mind as well as stretch and strengthen your body, all while your dog lies next to you. TAO DOG™ yoga classes allow you to enjoy the benefits of yoga while teaching your dog important skills such as relaxation, relationship building and connection. You will learn how to split your attention between the yoga and your dog, an important skill when training your dog. You will learn how to take the skills and changes in your relationship into your life and real world scenarios. Your dog will not only benefit from the training, but also enjoy a new connection with you through calm touch methods and their own series of stretching and conditioning exercises. We end each class in resting pose, savasana,  where both you and your dog enjoy calm and stillness at the close of each class. At the end of 4 weeks, you and your dog will leave with a deeper connection not only on your yoga mat, but in your everyday life together.

This is a 4 week class. Each class lasts 60 minutes. 
The cost for this class series is $120. 

Class starts at 10am,  Wednesday October 9th. Class dates 10/9,10/16, 10/23 & 10/30. 


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