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Cross Training

Cross Training

Help your dog become the best he can be!

Canine Cross Training is a fun and challenging class that will bring your training to another level. Your dog will develop the mental and physical skills necessary to excel in any canine sport and to be a great family dog.

This class is designed for Family Dog II graduates interested in more advanced training and anyone preparing their dog for canine sports competition. This is also a great fit if you are already competing in agility, obedience, rally or freestyle and are not as successful as you would like to be.

Canine Cross Training builds:

  • Attention

  • Self control  

  • Mental stamina

  • Confidence   

  • Memory

  • Body Awareness

  • Flexibility

  • Coordination

  • Adaptability

Canine Cross Training teaches core behaviors that can be linked together to give you and your dog an amazing set of skills. A dog and handler with a creative core of behaviors can accomplish almost anything!

Fee: $185.00 plus tax for 8 one week classes                                                      

Students have 10 weeks to complete 8 classes and may start at any time.

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