Rally Obedience Classes

Rally Obedience Classes

Rally is one of the sports offered by the AKC. This competitive event combines elements from basic obedience training, competition obedience, free style dance and agility!  Rally can also provide a transitional link to competitive obedience and agility or just be another fun team activity to learn with your dog! 

A Rally course is designed with 10 to 20 different “stations” with written instructions to be performed by the team. The course is numbered and the handler and dog follow the course performing each exercise.  The dog and handler move thru the course with the dog under control and walking politely on the handler’s left side. 

Praise, talking, clapping, patting your legs and all verbal means of encouragement are allowed in the ring. Repeating an exercise if necessary is also allowed. During competition events handlers may not use treats or touch their dogs.  There are four titles available in Rally: Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA), Rally Excellent (RE) and Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE). 

Rally is a fun and great way to continue using your Family Dog skills and to work as a team with your dog! 

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Novice Rally Drop-In held every Wednesday at 11:30 AM in the Main Room/Agility Room in the back of the building.  $30 cash or check at time of sign in.

*This is not happening right now due to COVID *

Rally Foundations!

Heeling for Rally, and More!

Come learn the foundation skills you and your dog need to be a team in Rally! Teamwork is key in Rally, and the bedrock of that teamwork is the attention and engagement between you and your dog, especially while heeling. This class will teach you fundamentals of getting your dog to pay attention to you while you start to navigate some basic Rally signs. 

Your dog will learn how to walk at your left side, in heel position, on a loose leash, while paying attention to you. Rally Novice turns will be coered, such as the about turn right, the about "U" turn, the 270 right and left turns, and more. Fronts and finishes will be introduced, and your dog will learn to stay while you walk around behind him. By the end of class, you and your dog will run simple Rally courses and be ready to move on to Rally Novice. 

This class is ideal for graduates of Family Dog II and is recommended for teams wanting to enroll in the Rally Novice Class, where the full set of 42 Rally Novice signs is covered.


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