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Competition Obedience





Introduction to

Competition Obedience

Introduction to Competition Obedience teaches the basic skills necessary to obtain the first level, or Companion Dog title, in Obedience Competition.  You will learn heeling exercises, recall with sit at front, finish, stand for exam and sit and down stays in a group of dogs. 

In addition, you and your dog will be introduced to many of the advanced exercises such as retrieving over a jump, signal work, directed jumping, go outs, etc. 

This class is for owners who are new to the sport of Competition Obedience, for experienced owners with a new dog, or for those who want to polish their dog’s Novice skills while continuing to challenge themselves and their dogs in learning other skills.

Fee: 12 weeks, broken into 2 6-week sessions- $160  plus tax for non-members per session/ $144 plus tax for members per session  


What to bring: clicker, treats and a great sense of humor



Competition Obedience

The Novice Drop-In class provides a structured setting to practice your dog’s basic skills in Competition Obedience.  The class focuses primarily on those exercises found in the basic, or Novice, class, such as heeling, recalls, stays, etc., although most of the advanced exercises will be introduced at some point.   You and your dog will have the chance to practice your dog’s skills as part of a group as well as individually. 

This class is “drop-in” style, which means that you do not need to register in advance, you and your dog can simply drop in when you are able.  To continually challenge and educate, there will be a planned theme for each drop in class; a schedule of themes will be distributed at class or is available by calling Tails U Win.

This class is for owners who have the basic Novice level skills and wish to practice in a more challenging setting, owners who are preparing to enter a show and need the distractions of a class, or owners who just want to keep their obedience skills sharp and have fun with their dog.

Fee:  $30 plus tax 


What to bring: clicker, treats and a great sense of humor

Instructor: Joyce O’Connell

Times:  Tuesdays at 7:00 PM | Thursdays at 1:00 PM *Currently on hold due to COVID*


Competition Obedience

Open & Utility

This class is designed to teach the advanced Competition Obedience exercises performed in the Open and Utility Classes. You and your dog will learn skills such as retrieving, high jump and broad jump, drop on recall, out of sight group stay work, distance signal control, scent work, directed retrieving, go outs and directed jumping. 

The goal of this class is to create the advanced teamwork necessary to obtain the title of Companion Dog Excellent and/or Utility Dog.

This class is for owners who have the basic Novice level skills and who want to continue to challenge themselves and their dog, or for owners who have some skills at the more advanced level and want to continue to polish those skills.

Fee:  6 weeks - $160  plus tax for non-members / $144  plus tax for members                                                


What to bring: clicker, treats and a great sense of humor

Tuesdays at 7:15 PM - Some Availability

Thursdays at 2:00 PM - Currently FULL

Thursdays 11:30 AM - Currently FULL

Updated 9/28/2020

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