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It's not just Day School... It's years of experience compiling a unique, personalized plan just for you and your puppy. Real Life Obedience. Real Life Strategies to overcome all of the typical puppy and adolescent behaviors ..

Great Expectations, and more.

                          Great Expectations Package $ 1950 plus tax

Great Expectations Puppy Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Copy of Right Start consultation to asse

How It Works: 

1) Click Here to Purchase your package

2) Contact our office at 860-646-5033 to book your puppy's training days

3) Watch your puppy reach Great Expectations!

If your puppy is 6 months or older, please contact our office at 860-646-5033 or to set up a free evaluation!

What behaviors will my puppy learn while attending the program?
Your puppy will learn sit, down, stay, every day recall (coming when called), emergency recall, polite greetings with strangers/new people and friends and family, as well as send to a place. We also work on body handling to prepare them to handle vet visits and grooming more confidently. 

What will the typical routine be for my puppy?
The puppy's in attendance rotate through a very structured selection of lessons - they will work on their behaviors, will have enrichment opportunities, as well as recess for socialization with other dogs and people. In between their individual and group sessions, they will also have rest time. They also will get personal play with their trainer and real life preparation sessions. 

What are the age limits for the program?
We accept puppies as early as 10 weeks of age up until they are 12 months old. Is your dog just over the limit? Give us a call, and we can customize a package for your dog's needs.

How do the private lessons work?
Owners are provided with an initial consult, otherwise known as a Right Start Consult on the first day their dog attends. We are also able to schedule the consult prior to your dog attending, usually the week before. After that, owners are provided 2 private lessons that are scheduled in advance. Typically the last is provided on graduation day. We are flexible with this arrangement, but all 3 lessons (1 Right Start + 2 Private Lessons) must be completed by the time your puppy graduates from Great Expectations. Lessons are essential in transferring the behaviors to you, the owner, to make sure that your dog and his or her training continues to be successful at home and out and about.

What comes after Great Expectations?
We offer several different continuation options, with goal specific paths - such as Therapy Dog, Agility Foundations, Advanced Pet Obedience Path, etc.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of the Puppy Kindergarten or Family Dog I class that is provided within your Great Expectations program to optimize your experience and to best upkeep and maintain the behaviors your puppy has been taught. The class must be registered for prior to Great Expectations Puppy Academy's graduation. 

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