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Now you can take the award winning training methods used at Tails-U-Win! and apply them to your own dog. The books, videos and even games are all easy to understand and will enhance the relationship between you and your best friend.

They make great gifts for yourself or any of your dog loving pals!

Please telephone us during regular business hours, 860-646-5033 Monday-Friday, Eastern Standard Time and one of us will be happy to take your order over the phone! or simply send an email with your contact information and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!


This DVD explains in detail how to teach the Really Reliable Recall™, a highly effective, easy to follow method used to teach your dog to come immediately when called the first time you call him.

It has lots of wonderful footage and two special sections.  It has a chapter dealing with challenging breeds who have a reputation of being difficult to train and a chapter for instructors who want to make the Really Reliable Recall™ part of their curriculum. 

DVD format only.

Really Reliable Recall DVD


Written by Leslie Nelson, this booklet explains in detail how to teach the Really Reliable Recall, a highly effective, easy to follow method used to teach your dog to come immediately when called the first time you call him.

This booklet is written with the pet owner in mind but is also a great resource for Family Dog instructors. It can be purchased in bulk and used as a handout in classes. It also makes a great addition to a puppy packet.

Also available: Really Reliable Recall DVD

Really Reliable Recall Book


Management Magic helps new owners set up for success whether they have a puppy or a new adult dog. It is chock full of information and positive answers for all the common questions that new owners have. It makes a great gift for someone about to get a new puppy or dog.

Management Magic can also be purchased inexpensively in bulk and is designed to be used as a handout in training classes using positive reinforcement. It is also used as a handout by shelters and rescue groups and many breeders include it in their puppy packs. Voted one of the TOP TEN puppy books by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in its first year of publication!! 

Management Magic Book


5 hour DVD. Pet Obedience Class Instructions shows that an "all positive" pet class can be successful. And the students love it! Leslie illustrates enlightened techniques used in her family dog program for instructing pet obedience classes, behavior consultations, and problem solving. She introduces the Really Reliable Recall in her class instruction as well as her program for balancing the owner/dog relationship.

Teaching Pet People is a thorough explanation of what punishment does, why it is inappropriate for pet dog trainers and where traditional class structure fails the pet dog student. Includes video examples of strategies from her own classes for setting up the human half of the team for success.

Power of Positive Training DVD


More information available soon.

Precision Heeling DVD

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