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 Agility Classes

Pam O'Day

Bonnie Henderson


Foundations Classes

Agility is the ultimate game for you and your dog. Dogs navigate an obstacle course leaping over jumps, racing through tunnels, zipping across elevated walkways, whipping through weave poles, and more! Agility is fast, exciting, and fun!

But agility is a lot more than just a good time. It is great exercise for both you and your dog, a tremendous confidence builder, and an energy outlet for the highly active dog.

Through agility, you'll reinforce and broaden your dog's responsiveness- all in an environment that's entertaining and enjoyable for both the dog and the handler.

Agility Foundations is not required to take a Beginner class with Pam O'Day or Bonnie Henderson, but is certainly beneficial, and highly recommended. Beginner classes do require more commitment (usually the intention of continuing indefinitely).

Pam O'Day

Pam O'Day

The philosophy behind Competition Agility with Pam O’Day is simple.  Pam builds relationships with each student based upon their stated goals and needs, and strives to help teams achieve their potential.   A lifetime of involvement in dog sports – including conformation, obedience, tracking and agility has given Pam the solid foundation needed to assess a dog’s movement, temperament, and motivation. 

Pam’s strength lies in her ability to tailor training to meet the level of each team, within the context of the classroom setting.  Pam brings together a unique mix where students continually experience and succeed at new agility challenges.


Agility classes with Pam O’Day are interactive, and students are encouraged to stop and analyze handling strategies, offer suggestions, and encourage one another.  Pam teaches students how to break down courses into manageable segments, analyze handling lines to find the most efficient path for both dog and handler, and regularly presents exercises to increase a dog’s potential.  Agility is about more than just running a course, and students in Pam’s classes often discuss preventive health care matters, health issues that affect agility dogs (and handlers), the rules and regulations that govern agility, and sharing of information about trials and competition experiences. 

With Pam O’Day, you’ll receive an honest, direct assessment of your handling techniques, and strategies for growth.  Pam has trained more than a thousand successful teams in her teaching career, and continues her own growth by attending and hosting seminars with world-renowned handlers, instructors, and animal health care practitioners. 

To be considered for Pam’s classes, you will need to have a solid recall, sit, stay, leave it, and down with your dog.   A sense of humor, and a strong work ethic is preferred, as well!

Fee:  $170 + tax (Members take 10% off, learn more about membership here)

Beginner Classes with Pam O'Day

Pam currently teaches 16 Beginner through Advanced Competition Agility Classes on Tuesdays (9 AM - 3:30 PM), Wednesdays (5 - 9 PM), Thursdays (4:30 PM - 9 PM), and Fridays (4:45 PM - 8:30 PM). If your dog has already been introduced to equipment and you have prior handling experience, and you would like your dog to be evaluated to determine which class would best suit you as a team, please contact Pam directly at

Bonnie Henderson


Bonnie Henderson is a national agility competitor and an outstanding instructor.  Bonnie's approach is fun, easy to understand and has great results - many of her students have MACH's and compete on the national level.   

Whether you are interested in agility for recreation or competition, it is important to continue to practice the basic principles of positive training and foster the best possible relationship with your dog. Her classes focus not only on providing a good and safe foundation for learning the obstacles, but also how to become a more knowledgeable and successful handler.

Bonnie teaches Beginner through Advanced on Mondays, both AM and PM classes.

Kathy Steffens

Pre Foundation

Agility Foundations with Kathy Steffens

In this 6-week class, students, dogs learn to work around distractions and get introduced to flat work and handling for agility that will prepare them for a beginner agility class. While it is not a prerequisite for a beginner class, it is highly recommended. It is open enrollment, and you are provided 8 weeks to complete 6 weeks. 

* MUST complete Family Dog II prior to signing up for class*


$170 + tax (Members take 10% off, learn more about membership here)

Kathy Steffens

Lisa Loomis

image1 (2).jpeg

Agility Introduction with Lisa Loomis

In this 6-week class, teams will learn foundations to be successful in the sport of dog agility. Learn important skills like shaping, improve your clicker training mechanics, and build your dog's engagement around distractions all while emphasizing exercises specific to agility. Dogs will be slowly introduced to equipment as they progress through the course. 

Classes are 90 minutes long! Please bring LOTS of treats, a pop up crate for your dog to settle in while not working, busy work such as a stuffed Kong, snuffle mat, or bully stick, and your dog's favorite toys. 

* MUST complete Family Dog II prior to signing up for class*

Drop In Class  (Monday's 5:30 pm & Thursday's 9:30 am in the agility field)

Teams must be proficient on all the obstacles. Pre registration is required. 

                  You can buy a package of 4 drop in classes and save 10% off 

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