Private Lessons & Consultations

Note: We are offering both remote/online Zoom consultations, as well as in-person. Both are equally effective. 

Do you have a dog that isn't quite ready for group classes? Zoom may be the best option!

Private Lesson Types

Behavioral Consultation: Is your dog struggling with aggression, fear, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviors, barking, being around other dogs or people, etc? A behavioral consultation may be perfect for you! This is $150 per 1.5 hours.

Puppy Right Start Consultation: In this type of consultation, you receive 1 hour with a private trainer, whether that be remotely or in person, and we cover all of the various puppy topics, including biting/nipping, chewing, house training, crate training, preventing problem behaviors like jumping, counter surfing, pulling on leash, and more! This is $60 per hour.

Basic Obedience Private Lesson: In this type of lesson, we cover basic obedience with you. We can work on Sits, Downs, Stays, Coming when Called, Loose-Leash Walking, Polite Greetings, and more! This can be done remotely via online video conference or it can be done in-person at our facility. The cost of this is $75 per hour.

Specialty Private Lesson: Want to work on something specific like agility foundations, retrieve, maybe something not listed in the Basic Obedience section? Perfect, this is also $75 per hour and can be done remotely (online) or in-person. 

CGC Test: Do you think your dog is prepared for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and you're ready to have your dog tested? We can do this for you! We have various AKC CGC Evaluators staffed at our facility. This is $25 per test. 

AKC Trick Dog Test: Is your dog ready for their Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced Trick Dog Title? We can set it up and provide a private lesson to either prepare or offer this test. This can be done online or in-person. This is $25 per test, $75 per hour if working on the behaviors. 

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