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Freestyle Classes

Freestyle Classes

Canine Freestyle is simply dancing with dogs to music. It is a fun sport for the owners and dogs, and the audience.  Freestyle is based on basic obedience training and it adds other dimensions such as tricks, music, timing, costuming, routine development and showmanship.  It is a fun and entertaining way to continue training your dog. You can learn more about Canine Freestyle at World Canine Freestyle

Attendees should complete Family Dog II or its equivalent before taking this class.  Each week dogs and handlers will learn and practice new tricks or moves and have fun training to different music.  Handlers will learn to develop simple routines and put them together with music.   This is a great class for those who want to go on and compete or do demos with their dog in many different venues.  It is also a great class for those who want to have fun with their dog and teach new skills.

What to Bring:  Clicker, treats and a great sense of humor

Fee: $170.00 + tax (Members take 10% off, learn more about membership here

Class is held Fridays at 12:00 PM. Inquire with the office if interested in joining the All Levels Freestyle Class.

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