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Reactive Dog Online Classes

For dogs of any age that struggle

with the environment and handling the world around them.

Not for dogs that have caused injury to a person or another dog. Please contact the instructor if you are not sure.

We understand that an online experience can be daunting. We have had great success transferring our instruction and quality training to this format with puppies and dogs all over the world benefiting! The process is easy, we are able to go in depth, and we are also able to truly pinpoint where your struggles are and focus on providing solutions!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Reactive Dog Classes - ONLINE

Image by Ayla Verschueren
Image by Philippe Oursel
Image by Christina @
Boy Walking His Dog

To qualify for this class, your dog will need:


- A ZERO bite history (meaning your dog has not caused harm or injury to another dog, person, or animal)

- No other pre-requisites


This class will focus on dogs that are reactive on leash when out and about on walks, in class, and in public situations. 


Behaviours that qualify as reactive could be a combination of:


- Barking

- Lunging

- Growling

- Pulling on Lead Excessively

- Sniffing Excessively

- Unable to respond when distractions are present

- Fearful of the environment (noises, cars, etc)

- Chases cars


If you are not sure, please email the instructor at

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