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  • Body Handling & Collar Handling

  • Posessiveness over food/toys Prevention - Trade!

  • Grooming and/or Vet Prep

  • Conditioning to Nail Trims

  • Name Recognition

  • Impulse Control Games

  • Focus and Attention Games

  • Good Manners Reinforced

  • Recall/Coming When Called

  • Off-leash Connection

  • Play with other puppies

  • Settle on a Bed/Place

  • Self Control Around Food

What can be covered in Jumpstart:


  • Housetraining

  • Crate Training

  • Socialization with People

  • Exposure to Sounds (thunder, fireworks, etc.

  • Exposure to different environments

  • Socialization to different surfaces

  • Group Class Participation

  • Platform Work

  • Introduction to Shaping/Problem Solving

  • Retrieve & Tug

  • Body Awareness for Injury Prevention

  • Time with a mentor dog for good behavior

How it Works: 

1) New Students: click here to purchase your 5-day package. 
New student package includes 1-hour Right Start lesson with an instructor on your puppy's first day. 
Price: $525
plus tax

Current Students Enrolled in a Puppy Class: click here to purchase your 5-day package. 
Price: $475
plus tax

2) Contact our office at 860-646-5033 to set up your puppy's training days



A Glimpse at Jumpstart

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