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Jumpstart Kindergarten is for puppies 8-16 weeks old. This program is focused on providing optimal socialization and enrichment for your puppy. It has been proven that correct socialization can help to combat future behavioral issues that could occur without it. All of the following are things we include in our Jumpstart program as the puppy's pace. Every puppy will have a unique, individualized experience.

$75 per day or $335 for a 5 - day package. Available Monday - Friday.

Jumpstart Kindergarten Information PDF

What can be covered in Jumpstart:


  • Housetraining

  • Crate Training

  • Socialization with People

  • Exposure to Sounds (thunder, fireworks, etc.

  • Exposure to different environments

  • Socialization to different surfaces

  • Group Class Participation

  • Platform Work

  • Introduction to Shaping/Problem Solving

  • Retrieve & Tug

  • Body Awareness for Injury Prevention

  • Time with a mentor dog for good behavior

  • Introduction to Sit and Down (verbal and hand)

  • Body Handling & Collar Handling

  • Grooming and/or Vet Prep

  • Conditioning to Nail Trims

  • Name Recognition

  • Impulse Control Games

  • Focus and Attention Games

  • Good Manners Reinforced

  • Recall/Coming When Called

  • Off-leash Connection

  • Play with other puppies

A Glimpse at Jumpstart


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