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Day School

We train your dog, and then we train you. 

Tails Day School is for families who are currently participating in training classes at Tails U Win but would like additional help with their pet, or past students who need a review or help with a specific challenge.

If your dog has not taken classes at Tails U Win, please visit our Family Dog page for a list of available Family Dog I classes. Not sure if classes are a good fit for your dog? Contact our office to schedule an evaluation so we can help you asses which class would be best for you & your dog: or 860-646-5033


During Day School, our instructors will work with your dog on whatever skills you would like emphasized! Whether that's loose leash walking, ignoring distractions, coming when called, polite greetings, or working on more specific areas of interest such as agility, scent work, or obedience. Training sessions take place in our climate controlled training rooms, outside around the building, or on field trips to local dog-friendly locations. Day School dogs also get supervised play opportunities with small groups of other dogs if appropriate. 


You will receive a daily report card on your dogs progress through the day, as well as access to our Video Training Library with over 30 tutorial videos for specific games and exercises to make practicing at home a breeze. 

Day School is offered on Monday through Thursday, with limited spaces to provide the optimal training experience for your dog.

Day School Packages

5 Day School Package with 1 Lesson $725 plus tax

5 Day School Package with 2 Lessons $800 plus tax


                                                                HOW IT WORKS:

Contact our office at 860-646-5033 or to set up your dog's training days & private lessons. 

 If your dog is 6 months or older, please contact our office or email to set up a free evaluation!

That's it!

After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information. 




What time is drop off for my dog?

Drop-off is between 9-9:30 AM. However, we do provide an early drop-off as early as 7:30 AM. Early drop off must be arranged in advance!

What time is pick up?

You schedule pick up when you enroll your dog. Depending on availability, it could be 3:30 PM, 4 PM, 4:30 PM, 5:00 PM, or 5:30 PM.

If my dog attends more than one day, will they work with the same trainer?

We often alternate trainers. We find that it allows the dogs to generalize their behavior better, which also makes transferring the behaviors to you, the owner, even easier. 

Does my dog go for training 5 days in a row?

Nope! In fact we recommend that you space your training days out so your dog does not come for training on back-to-back days if possible. We find that dogs are often tired on their second day, and we want them to get the most training possible while they are here. Having a rest day (or two!) in between their training days is recommended.  

Does my package expire?

5 day packages expire 2 months after purchase. 

What is your refund policy?

See Day Program policies here

Will all my dogs problems be fixed in 5 days? 

With continued management and practice at home in addition to their training days here at Tails, you should see a marked improvement in their behavior. However, if your dog has been practicing pulling on the leash or jumping on guests for the last three years, it will take time for them to replace that unwanted behavior with something more desirable! You may need to do more than one 5-day package in order to achieve your desired results. Many of our students choose to have their dogs come continuously 1-2 times per week for a consistent tune up of their skills! 

How much and what kind food should I bring?

You should bring about 2 cups for a small dog under 30 lbs, 3-4 cups for a medium/large dog. Please ensure whatever food is  brought to be used for training is in small, bite sized pieces. About the size of a pea.


Please bring 3-5 different high value treats such as: 

  • Precooked Meatballs

  • Liverwurst

  • Ham

  • Rotisserie Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Cheese Sticks

  • Canned Baby Food

  • Steak

  • Pork

  • Freeze-Dried Treats

  • Frozen Bil-Jac

  • Hotdogs

  • Mild Sausage

  • Cubed Cheese

  • Happy Howie’s Roll

  • Bacon

  • Natural Balance Roll

  • Roast Beef

  • Salmon/Fish

  • Lamb

  • Venison

Should I feed my dog breakfast before coming to Day School?

Please do not feed your dog breakfast before coming for training! We do not want your dog to get an upset tummy from over-eating, and they will be getting a lot of food during their day of training. 

You may bring their breakfast in addition to 3-5 different high value training treats, and we will incorporate that into their rewards during training. 

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