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Canine Conditioning Class

Canine Conditioning Class

with Kathy Lesinski


In the Foundation class: 

Together we will learn how to evaluate the condition of your dog and where their strengths and weaknesses are. We will then week by week learn exercises to help increase your dog's condition using proper form.  We will be using ball equipment to work out your dog. We then can put it into a circuit training workout. Why take this class?  To improve the overall quality of your dog's life.  If you can answer yes to just one of these reasons, why it benefits to have a condition dog then you should be taking this class: maintain healthy weight, improve strength, endurance and balance, perform better with less occurrence of injuries, psychologically healthy for the dog, reduces hyperactivity and increases ability to focus, extends dog's performance career, reduces risk of osteoarthritis in later years. Dogs should be at least one year old and up to a healthy senior dog who has taken a class at Tails or knows basic obedience.  6 weeks  for $185 plus tax

The Advanced Conditioning class will be for all dogs who have already completed  the foundations class in the past and want a workout class. We will start with warmups and then move to 12-15 stations followed by a cool down and stretching. Great for all dogs levels and can be modified for senior dogs.  6 weeks for  $185 plus tax


6 week class
CC drop in options


$35 plus tax

Pre-registration required.

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