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Heather has been an integral part of the Tails U Win team the last couple of years! As facilities manager, not only is Heather responsible for daily cleaning and maintenance to keep our building in tip top shape, but she also makes sure to add nice finishing touches- did you notice the sunflowers that sprouted up in the back by the Main Room this year?


Heather is also an important part of our staff support. Heather helps intake our early drop off Day Training students, and goes above and beyond to ensure that our trainers have everything they need at hand so they can focus on helping out their four and two legged clients alike.


In addition to all she does for us here at Tails, Heather is also a Licensed Occupational Therapist! As an OT, Heather helps people function to the best of their abilities in their homes and jobs following illness or injury. Heather has been an OT for nearly two decades, so she has a ton of experience helping people achieve their goals!


Previously, Heather shared her life with a Shih Tzu named Kirby, and she hopes to one day add another dog to her family.


If you happen to see Heather buzzing about the building, make sure to say hello!

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