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Outside Leash Walking and Connection

Outside Leash Walking and Connection Class

with Sean McMurray

This 6 week class which will focus on Leash Walking skills in the outside world. Out first class will meet at Tails U Win and the next 5 weeks will be at outdoor locations in the immediate area. We will start working right away on outside distractions and help you build the foundation skills needed to take your dog out and about. Learning about "Connection" will help both you and your dog better understand what to do at each end of the leash!

Each week we will build upon the previous weeks lessons. Get ready to expand your knowledge about leash walking, distractions and add tools to your tool box.

Outside Leash Walking Class (weather permitting)

What to bring:  Lots of soft easy to eat treats, some type of bait bag or treat bag to hold treats since we will be on the move, a 6 of 4 ft leash, a tug toy or something similar if your dog likes to play/tug, wear comfy shoes for outside walking and dress appropriately for outside weather!

This class is offered occasionally. Please subscribe to our newsletter to see our upcoming classes.

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