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Pam O'Day

Pam O’Day is a leading dog evaluator and agility instructor who has trained thousands of  successful competitive agility teams in her professional teaching and coaching career. As a coach of teams who have competed nationally as well as internationally, Pam, who is a current AKC Agility judge, brings her wealth of competitive agility experience and canine knowledge into the classroom.  Pam teaches all levels of agility from foundation skills to advanced competition levels. Pam’s students have achieved countless MAChs (Master Agility Championships) or PAChs (Preferred Agility Championships) as well as placements at the AKC National Agility Championships. Pam’s daughter was on the AKC Agility World team and competed in 4 European Open Championships.


Pam’s uniquely personal style is the result of building positive, trusting relationships with her students that are based on their goals and needs. She also thrives on inspiring her student/ canine teams to achieve their highest potential, while never losing sight of what matters most - a mutual respect and loving bond that is necessary for a successful agility team.


Pam brings a lifetime of personal, active involvement in competition agility and a broad experience in all dog sports: conformation, obedience, tracking, and competitive agility. Pam has earned 115 AKC titles ranging from conformation, tracking, a UDX in obedience and MAChs in agility.  Furthermore, she has an uncanny ability to assess a dog’s movement, temperament, and motivation.  As a result, her classroom setting is tailored to meet all of her student’s needs.  


Agility classes with Pam are always exciting, fun, and student-centered. Her instructional approach is highly interactive, and students are encouraged to stop and analyze handling strategies, offer suggestions, and encourage one another. Class with Pam feels like you are part of a genuine community. She works closely with each student; helping them to break down courses into manageable segments, analyze handling lines to find the most efficient path for both dog and handler, and demonstrate exercises that may help increase a dog’s potential.


Although she’s an instructor, coach, AKC judge, and a life-long dog lover, Pam is always a learner first! She continues her own growth by regularly attending and hosting advanced seminars with world-renowned handlers, instructors, and animal health care practitioners.


With 26 years of experience at Tails-U-Win, Pam offers classes and privates for all levels, along with a promise that you’ll experience and succeed at new agility challenges at whatever level you’re at!

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