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Focus and Impulse Control


Focus and Impulse Control Class

Does your dog pay more attention to other people or other dogs than you?  Is your dog more interested in sniffing the floor than working? Does your dog get wild and crazy in stimulating situations? Or maybe you would just like your dog to have better manners or focus when he or she is working with you. Then this is the class for you.


Not only will this be a great class for the young impulsive dog who needs to learn better manners, but this class also prepares dogs for advanced training in agility, obedience, or rally.  In this 4 week session, you will learn at many exercises to work on focus & impulse control. Students will be expected to practice these at home daily for homework. 

Prerequisite Puppy K, Family Dog 1, or permission from the instructor.

This class is not meant for reactive dogs that are barking, lunging, or growling when around other dogs. 

This class is offered occasionally. Please subscribe to our newsletter to see our upcoming classes.

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