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Weight Pulling

Weight Pull Classes

Who can do it?

All healthy dogs, no matter what breed or size, can and DO successfully participate in weight pulling. You will learn the benefits of resistance training, but we will primarily be working on the cart. You will have the option of trying your dog on a drag sled, in order to work on physically conditioning your dog, or for behavior modification purposes. The focus of the class will be conditioning to the harness, as well as working on pulling the cart, finding where your dog is working, and encouraging them to enjoy pulling the cart as weights are increased in fair increments.

We will provide all the equipment you will need for practice, including the harness.


Please bring:

  • 4-6 foot leash

  • A collar they cannot slip out of (no choke collars or head collars, please)

  • HIGH value treats, no biscuits or hard treats (examples to bring: hot dog, beef heart, liver, string cheese, meatballs, etc) Please bring A LOT. We would rather you leave with excess, then run out while you're here.

  • Again, we wil provide harnesses.

Weight Pulling Drop-In Opportunities

Please contact the instructor at for weight pulling dates.

Drop-ins for $25 are welcome. Please check our Facebook page for any announcements regarding not having class.

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