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Introduction to Dog Sports

Introduction to Dog Sports


Intro to Dog Sports


This 8-week intro to some of the most popular dog sports is for you if:


- you recently completed Family Dog II or III and are looking for a new, fun challenge 


- you have an active dog that needs a “job” and want to unlock their full potential 


- you’re curious to learn more about the wild world of dog sports but don’t know where to start 


Week 1 & 2: Intro to Scent Work 


Learn how to harness the power of your dog’s nose and get a taste for the popular sport of scent work!


Week 3 & 4: Rally & Obedience Foundations 


We’ll cover important foundations for success in the sports of rally and competition obedience including responding to cues at a distance, heeling games, ignoring distractions, and proofing stays. 


Week 5 & 6: Agility Foundations 


Get a taste for the exciting sport of dog agility, and learn crucial foundation exercises such as fostering confidence & independent thinking, working off leash, jumping foundations, and more! 


Week 7 & 8: People’s Choice


The class will decide which sports and/or skills they would like to revisit for the last two weeks of class. 


Instructor Taylor Lima CPDT-KA FFCP has been training for and competing in dog sports for ten years. She has titled her dogs- ranging from a German Shepherd, terrier mixes, a Golden Retriever, and a Whippet- in agility, rally, obedience, barn hunt, dock diving, scent work, and lure coursing sports. 


Dogs must have completed Family Dog II, Family Dog III, or have instructor approval to join. This class is not a good fit for dogs who are reactive towards other dogs or people. 

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