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Do you want to deepen your relationship with your dog? Do you wish that your dog would relax and settle in new environments? Do you want to learn new ways to teach and train your dog? If YES! is your answer, TAO DOG®YOGA is for you! In this unique and fun, 2-Hour TAO DOG® YOGA Workshop you will learn to breathe, calm your body and mind, and stretch and strengthen your body while your dog learns to relax beside you. Once your dog is relaxed, we will move through canine calm touch exercises, canine stretching, and canine fitness portion of the workshop. You will leave this workshop with new ways to connect with your dog, tools to work
through distractions in new environments and knowledge of stretching exercises to support your dog in their daily activities.


The 2-Hour TAO DOG Workshop is $85 For more
information about TAO DOG® YOGA, visit

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