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Gina Hoag, CPDT-KA


Gina M. Hoag, CPDT-KA 

Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Licensed Instructor for Pet Partners  

Gina Hoag is a certified professional dog trainer, an experienced teacher, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and a committed leader in the world of animal advocacy and animal rescue. Each day dogs are surrendered to shelters and pounds due to behavioral issues. Her mission is to limit this from happening by helping clients and their dogs build successful and positive relationships. 

Gina’s journey down this path began almost twenty years ago when she adopted a three-month-old puppy that exhibited extreme signs of fear reactivity. She sought help through countless trainers and breeders and was told by all to cut her losses and have the puppy destroyed.  Refusing to give up on her puppy, she began researching his behaviors and learned how to make his world a less scary place by developing a relationship with him through positive behavior methods. It took time, but he lived happily for over sixteen years.  

Gina spent many years as a volunteer trainer with an animal rescue organization and attended numerous seminars to hone her skills before sitting for the Certification of Professional Dog Trainers exam. She believes that the foundation for successful begins with patience and proper training.  She spends much of her spare time volunteering with various shelters and rescues in the hope that training will help these abandoned dogs gain forever homes. 

Gina lives in Southern CT with her husband, Stephen and their two beautiful Shetland Sheep dogs, Jackson and Michaleen. She and Jackson have been a registered therapy team for more than seven years. Her commitment to Animal Assisted Intervention prompted her to become a licensed instructor for Pet Partners. She and Jackson especially enjoy their weekly visits with the children at the American School for the Deaf.  She can attest to the power of the human/animal bond. Jackson agrees!

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