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Collaborate & Listen:

Training foundations built in relationships, communication and ethology

Sunday May 21st @ 9:00 AM

Kasey Nash, owner of Joyful Paws Service Dogs, offers a comprehensive seminar for people who wish to learn how to deepen their relationship, communication and understanding of canine ethology in order to become a better partner to their dog. While this seminar is specifically designed to teach disabled owner-trainers how to raise and train their own service dog, it also appeals to pet owners, dog sport enthusiasts and both novice and advanced professional trainers. Topics covered include body language and emotional management, learning theory, specific training methods and dog handling skills. More than anything, it teaches participants how to achieve a strong bond and collaboration with their dog, while still encouraging an independently problem-solving canine partner. The seminar itself is presented in a classroom participation style, encouraging discussion and participation in group activities to maintain a more active and engaging learning environment.

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