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Barn Hunt  - Fun with Rats!

Barn Hunt - Fun with Rats!

Interested in partaking in this exciting new sport which works on your dog's natural hunting abilities? Then we have a great preparation class for you! This class will introduce your dog to a rat, hay and how to navigate a hay course to reach the rat. All levels welcome. Note: Sometimes the class, instead of using  hay, will be inside and using other equipment, such as Klimbs, agility tunnels, chutes, etc instead of hay. 

NOTE: The rats are always safely contained in either a cage or PVC breathable tube and are NEVER injured during or after the run.

Instructor: Kara Kulpa

What to bring: Hungry dog, clicker, lots of treats and a great sense of humor

To sign up, please call the Tails U Win! office at 860-646-5033 or register online below if a class is listed.

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