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Kara Kulpa

Kara has loved animals her entire life, but she credits her love of dogs to her father.  Some of her earliest memories are of her dad’s ability to seemingly charm dogs and befriend them.  Growing up, she had Beagles and a Labrador.  When she completed her undergraduate studies, she rescued a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix named Angel.   It was because of Angel’s intelligence and separation anxiety that Kara began to learn about canine behavior and training.  Currently, Kara instructs day school as well as teaches barn hunt, weight pull, family dog classes, nose work, tricks, and does behavior consults. Recently, Kara has joined The United States Canine Scent Sports as a sanctioned judge, is an official for New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine, and is an AKC CGC and trick dog evaluator.  Currently, Kara is owned by a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Sedona.  Together they are tackling everything from herding and drafting to competition obedience, rally, agility, and everything in between.  Other interests of Kara’s include IPO, dock diving, service dog training, behavior modification, canine medicine (including traditional and holistic approaches), nutrition, and conditioning. 

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