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Hannah Ellis


I  was drawn to dog training at a young age where I began raising and training service dogs, volunteering for Fidelco and Guiding eyes for the blind where I’m currently raising my eighth guide dog. Each dog has taught me something different and valuable about dog training. I have been a professional do trainer since 2018, and a volunteer puppy raiser since 2010. 

 I have an associates degree in animal science and a bachelors degree in natural resources and the environment from UCONN. I currently reside in the eastern section of Connecticut, and share my home with a variety of animals including two German shepherds, a Shiloh shepherd, cats, rats, and reptiles. 

I am currently a Certified service dog trainer through the Atlas Assistance dog program, serving people in Connecticut with owner training their service dogs. I’m addition to service dog, I currently compete in scent work sports and am happy to get you started with finding the right sport for your dog. 

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