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Appointments to be held on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 from 9 AM - 4 PM. 

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Benefits of Massage

- Improves circulation by bringing oxygen rich blood to cells, tissues, and organs.
- Helps in removing toxins and other waste products from the body. 
- Boosts immune system by increasing lymph movement. 
- Relaxes the nervous system.
- Improves muscle health by relaxing tight, sore muscles.
- Relieves joint soreness and pain from arthritis and inflammation.
- Releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers. 
- Increases flexibility and range of motion. 
- Helps promote peak performance in athletes and prevention of injury.
- Helps speed up recovery from an injury or a surgical procedure.
- Helps dogs that suffer from anxiety, fear or shyness by promoting a loving bond and emotional wellness. 
- Helps dogs that suffer from allergies and skin conditions. 

Trigger Point Therapy also has all the benefits of general massage. It also targets specific muscle dysfunction from overuse, repetitive action and compensatory issues. Trigger points are mapped throughout the canine body and are in the same locations regardless of breed or size of dog. 

All dogs can benefit from massage and trigger point therapy: especially senior, arthritic dogs, dogs participating in a sport(agility, flyball), recovering from an injury or a surgery.

About Stacey Minshall, RN, CCMT

I am a registered nurse and have been treating both surgical and complex medical patients,for nearly 20 years, but my approach to life and health includes modalities from both western and eastern traditions to optimize wellness. I have seen the benefits that meditation, diet, massage and acupuncture can add to standard medical care for humans and opened my mind to the possibility of alternative therapies for animals.

My love for animals started at a young age. Horses, dogs and cats have been steady companions to me throughout my life. I developed an interest in canine massage when my beautiful, sweet, aging English Mastiff, Rufus, started having arthritic problems in his hind-end. Our very caring, veterinarian recommended canine massage as a way to complement the medical therapies we were already using for Rufus.

Rufus loved it! The first session he was a little restless trying to understand why the massage therapist was intent on touching him. By the third session he happily greeted his therapist when she came to our house and then went into our den and settled on the floor ready for his massage. The results of his sessions were easy to see. He had more energy, better flexibility, increased range of motion, and his gait was more fluid and less stiff.

After seeing what the sessions did for Rufus, I trained to become a credentialed canine massage therapist so I could bring these same benefits to other people’s pets. While we didn’t start therapy for Rufus until he was older, I believe massage therapy can positively impact dogs in all stages of their lives.

I hope I can bring some comfort and better quality of life to your pet.

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