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Monthly Training Challenge

We are going to have a monthly training challenge for all Tails students and instructors! The challenge will be announced at the beginning of each month, and you have a month to train for it. By the last day of that month, you will need to video the behavior, or have an instructor witness it. For winning the challenge, you get to have bragging rights and there will be a small prize. I want everyone to have fun with this and let’s show off how brilliant our canine partners are!


Suggestions for future monthly challenges can be sent in by other instructors and students to


March's Challenge

The training challenge for the month of March is: how far can your dog back up with only giving one cue? 

You can use a rear foot target, but only one verbal cue or hand signal/body cue. The human can not get into the dogs personal space to make them back up. The human must stay stationary.

Submissions can be sent to

Happy Training!

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