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Agility Foundation Classes

Handling Focused, Minimal Equipment

Agility Foundations is not required to take a Beginner Agility class, but is certainly beneficial, and highly recommended.

Bonnie Henderson


Agility Foundations is a 6-week course that will put you on the path of having a great agility dog. In this class your dog will be introduced to the various obstacles involved in agility and you will learn handling techniques that will help you work as a team. Take this class to see just how fun the great sport of agility is - your dog will thank you for it.


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Bonnie Henderson is a national agility competitor and an outstanding instructor.  Bonnie's approach is fun, easy to understand and has great results - many of her students have MACH's and compete on the national level.   

Family Dog II completion required to register. 

Agility Foundations with Bonnie Henderson

Kathy Steffens

Kathy Steffens

Agility Foundations with Kathy Steffens

In this 6-week class, students, dogs learn to work around distractions and get introduced to flat work and handling for agility that will prepare them for a beginner agility class. While it is not a prerequisite for a beginner class, it is highly recommended. It is open enrollment, and you are provided 8 weeks to complete 6 weeks. 

* MUST complete Family Dog II prior to signing up for class*


$170 + tax (Members take 10% off, learn more about membership here

Waiting List

Wait List

Agility Foundations Wait List

If there are no offerings above, register on this list to be notified as soon as a class is offered. 

Classes offered will typically be on:

Saturdays at 9 AM

Wednesdays at 7:30 PM

You will notified of either, and can opt out until the appropriate class meets your schedule requirements. Just notify us via email in response to any email sent to you that you would like to remain on the list. 

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